FITAC – Colombian Federation of Logistics Agents in International Commerce

On September 30, 1937, a group of customs agents got together to organize the National Federation of Customs Agents “FEDEADUANAS” (Spanish acronym.)  Four decades later, on July 28, 1977, it was determined to create the Colombian Association of Cargo and Customs Agencies and Related Companies “ASCAIATA” (Spanish acronym.) Both entities merged by means of resolution 279 of December 17, 1996, giving birth to the current Colombian Federation of Logistics Agents in International Commerce, FITAC, a permanent nonprofit organization whose members come from a large number of Cargo Agencies, Customs Agencies and Warehousing Companies.

This is the organization that coordinates the three most important sectors in the international commerce chain in Colombia: TRANSPORT - CUSTOMS - WAREHOUSING.

FITAC’s philosophy aims at sector strengthening, seeking representation and leadership of its members before governments, private entities and, by all means, all the users of the services.

Therefore, one of its basic tasks is to keep a close relationship with all the members.

In addition, they carry out a task assessment on international commerce in order to seek a deeper and more practical knowledge of international commerce activities.