In bonded transport

Multimodal Transport Operation, MTO (OTM in Spanish), allows having customs approved or bonded transit operations. Cargo can be moved from abroad with suspended fees while covered by a Multimodal Transport Document, MTD (DTM in Spanish), for which the Operator needs to be registered under the Ministry of Transport’s MTO registry.  Multimodal Transport Operation allows your cargo to reach its destination based on your needs.


  • MTO allows cargo to be shipped with suspended fees until arrival at a duty free zone or a public or private warehouse where customs clearance is conducted.
  • Multimodal Transport Operations are a valuable help for importers who deal with large stocks, since MTO allows partial payment of duties and taxes easing companies‘ cash flows.
  • We use transport companies with robust insurance policies and high security standards approved by the Ministry of Transport and the DIAN (Colombian taxes and customs agency).
  • Less handling of freight at unloading port, which avoids accidents.
  • High storage security controls at authorized warehouses and/or duty free zones.
  • Cargo can be near you before, during and after the importation process.
  • Importers deal with only one company in the logistic chain, providing them more convenience.

Inland Transport


  • Multimodal Transport of FCL and LCL.
  • FCL container.
  • Express LCL cargo.
  • Consolidated LCL cargo.
  • Satellite monitoring of transport progress.
  • Excellent operation timing.
  • Total coordination of cargo operation from origin to destination warehouse.
  • Timely updates and reports on your cargo status.
  • Weekly freight consolidation from Cartagena and Buenaventura to Bogotá.
  • Better supervision of operations through proprietary controls.
  • We have a highly qualified team dealing with MTO.