BASC – Business Alliance for Secure Commerce​ - 

BASC is an international corporate alliance that fosters secure trade in cooperation with governments and international organizations. World BASC Organization, WBO, was established as a nonprofit organization under the laws of Delaware State, USA. WBO is an organization lead by the world’s corporate sector, whose mission is to facilitate and speed up international trade by implementing standards and global security procedures to the international commerce logistics chain.

Worldwide entrepreneurs participate in WBO working for the same purpose: strengthening international commerce in a secure and expeditious way by implementing standards and security procedures that are well known and accepted internationally.

Specific Objectives of BASC

  • Encourage a protection and security culture within international commerce.
  • Set up and manage a security and management control system in the logistics chain.
  • Work together with governments and organizations.
  • Encourage strategic alliances.
  • Create trust and credibility between companies and governments.
  • Strengthen cooperative relationship between public and private sectors.